Monday, June 5, 2017

WARNING! Her Son Died After She Put Him On The Shopping Cart

When we go to a supermarket with a kid along with us, it is automatic that we get a shopping cart and put the kids on it. In this way, we can have our grocery shopping with no distress that we might lose our kids while purchasing, because you have your eyes on them while they we're in the cart.

If you think putting them on the cart is the best thing to do and this is safe for them? Then you are wrong. After reading this you will never put your kids on a shopping cart ever again.

Viviannes a mother of an infant named Logan, went to go grocery shopping like a normal routine once a week. They went inside the grocery store and put the baby on a shopping cart, Vivianne said, it was seem clean and proper but that what she thought, because the enemy that killed his son are not visible by the naked eye.

It usually took them 30 minutes in grocery shopping, after that they went home and let Logan sleep. At 2 pm, she checks his son because that's when Logan always woke up, but to her surprised he is still sleeping and the thing that most terrifying is that, they can't wake him up.


Logan is burning in fever and sweating endlessly, and so Vivianne and her husband immediately rushed him to the hospital.

They waited an hour before they hear something from the Doctors. After several examinations and tests conducted by numerous of doctors in the hospital, they found out that Logan was suffering from a four life-threatening viruses; salmonellosis, rotavirus, adenovirus and meningitis. The question is, where did her son get this?

Later on, the doctors explained to them that the child had been infected by viruses on the shopping cart they used. We all know that shopping carts can be used by anybody and make purchases by several people in a day, you never know that the shopping cart you used has been used by sick person and carries viruses from their body to the shopping carts.

The doctors treated Logan's diarrhea by needing to do an intensive hydration with him. Even though after several treatment and the kid is seemed to be on the mend, Logan passed away after 2 days in the hospital.

Vivianne is doing a campaign to all mothers, to raise awareness on the possibilities on which their kids might get viruses, and she imply that we should not be over confident on the things we leave our child. Because, just what we thought that it's safe for our children but the truth is it's not. Due to the fact, that some of the culprit that takes life, are usually not visible in our naked eyes.

Bright Tips?
  • If you can't really find another way to have your kids with you in grocery shopping. Try putting a blanket first in the cart, then put your kid. In this way, they cannot have any physical contact with the shopping cart, that might give them infection or deadly viruses.