Thursday, June 8, 2017

Woman Dies In An Instant After Kissing Boyfriend, The Reason Was Ultimately Shocking

A young woman from Canada dies from an allergic shock after smooching peanut-eating boyfriend.

According to Myriam Ducre-Lemay's mother, the guy whom her daughter met a week before the tragic incident was unaware of her allergy.

After the boyfriend ate a peanut butter sandwich for a late-night snack after sleeping over in their home, he returned to the bedroom and gave Myriam the fatal kiss.


After realizing Myriam was having an allergic shock, the young couple called 911. Paramedics arrived within minutes and transported her to hospital, but the young woman's life could not be saved.

Now, she is telling her daughter's story for the first time in the hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of allergies. She also hopes that people at risk will carry epipens with them at all times.

Source: Ny Daily News