Monday, July 17, 2017

Scary, Food Lovers Should Read This! Worms Riddled His Entire Body After Eating This Raw Food

Sushi can be pretty expensive but thousands of people are still eating it because they say, it's delicious. But maybe after reading this article, you will refrain from getting even one of this food to get inside your body.

Sashimi is one of the most expensive part of sushi. However, eating this should also has some limitations and cautions as one man from China was nearly killed by eating sashimi.

After complaining of extreme stomach pain and itchy skin, he went to the doctor to have himself checked professionally. And after some scans and various test, it revealed that his body was infected with tapeworms. And you may be wondering where did he get it? Well, it's from the sashimi that he ate.

Sashimi is a famous dish from Japan which is actually raw fish or raw fish meat. According to the studies, that excessive eating of raw or uncooked food may lead to a numerous parasitic infections.

Tapeworms are normally found in freshwater fish such as salmon and even when it's marinated or smoked, you can still acquire infection from this.

His doctor which is Dr. Yin says that eating uncooked food contaminated with tapeworm might leave consumer to an infection called cysticercosis. This such infection can be fatal when it reaches to the brain.