Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Silent Heart Attack That Only Happens in Women, Learn It's Warning Signs

Heart attack in women doesn't always have the same feeling as with men. When heart attack happen, the patient should feel chest pain that goes through one arm, but some women feel when it happens.

It's a silent killer when a heart attack strikes in women but it doesn't shows any sign.

When you happen to feel the things listed below, you should call for an emergency and go straight to the hospital, because you just might had a heart attack but you don't know it yet.

1. Uncomfortable pressure in chest
This is something that happen very often to people who had heart attack. This happen in a few minutes then goes away and comes back.


2. Discomfort and pain in parts of your body
This sign is more common in women, the pain can be sudden. You can feel pain in different parts of your body like in both of your arms, neck, stomach or even in your jaw.

3. Shortness of breath
Having a trouble in breathing or just a sudden shortness of breath can be a sign of heart attack.

4. Sweating
Breaking out in cold sweat can also be a common sign if women are having a heart attack. It will feel like that you are sweating because of stress.

5. Fatigue
Women who have heart attack will feel extremely tired, you will feel it even you are just sitting the whole day or just had a normal day in the your work.

Source: Webmd