Wednesday, July 5, 2017

This Are The Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood And Heart Illness

Unhealthy lifestyle which includes poor diet is the main reason for having a coronary problems. Poor nutrition will results in damaging supply routes to your heart.

And so, it is important to know what are the kinds of foods that will make your illness worse.

These are 8 types of food that damages heart, weakens blood circulation and may affect your overall health. Which means, foods that will be mention below should be avoided to consume.

1. Table Salt
Excessive intake of salt may keep your body to retain water, may lead to impaired blood circulation and increases risk of various health problems like with you brains, heart and kidneys.

2. French Fries
Average portion of Fries have sodium content up to 270 mg and also have 19 grams of fat. Having unnecessary amount of sodium in your body, it may cause water retention and also gain weight.


3. Ramen Noodles
Noodles contains 1580 mg of sodium and 14 grams of fat, which means it can also have health results just like when you eat too much French fries.

4. Margarine
This is one of the unhealthy ingredients you keep in your kitchen. It is loaded with aluminum, nickel and platinum.

5. Red Meat
This kind of meat are associated in damaged veins and also related cause to heart illness. So limit yourself in eating red meat.

6. Processed Meat
Heart-related problems are mostly caused by eating products that is high in fat content like bacon, wieners and frankfurter.

Artificial or non-artificial sugars, it is still associated with severe heart problems and hypertension.

8. Doughnuts
This food contains a lot of calories and fats. One doughnut have 200 calories and 12 grams of fat.