Thursday, July 20, 2017

Too Much K-Drama Will Make You Go Blind, Just Like What Happened To This Woman From China

It's pretty obvious that nowadays k-drama is very popular not only with the millennials but much more older people can relate to Korean Drama Stories as well.

Korean offers different side of dramas some even wait for weeks to watch the newest episodes. In one episode of the series, they offer romance, action, and thrill. That is the reason why everyone got hooked up on their TV screen.

However, this kind of dramas is very addictive and everyone is guilty about it. But too much is always not good for you.

A 20-year-old woman from china almost lost her eyesight after watching 2 series of K-drama within 18 hours, without a break. She watch the "Cheese in the Trap" and "Descendants of the Sun", which both have 16 episodes each.


Each K-drama episodes have a "60-minute rule", so each episodes have 1 hour maximum. And if you are going to add the episodes of each series she just watched, then it is going to 32 hours. We don't have any idea, how could she finish all those two series in just 18 hours.

But one thing is for sure, that it does really have a negative impact on her health.

When the time where she already finished watching the 2 series, she take a nap. But after she woke up, she complained about feeling pain in her eyes and severe headache. Reports even described that she felt "her eyes are ready to burst from her skull."

She was then rushed to the hospital in Nanjing. The doctor diagnosed her complications as Glaucoma. It is a disease that affect the optic nerves by the formation of large amount of undrained fluid in the eyes, this causes a great pressure in the eye and damages the optic nerves.

Reports shows that she uses her tablet for watching dramas, and that also serves as her light during at night which can also be a cause of her condition.

The woman did not go blind permanently, but what happened to her is sure a threatening for her health.

Hope her story teaches us enough lesson that too much is enough and too much kdrama is dangerous.

Source: Healthstagram