Sunday, July 23, 2017

Unbelievable: Woman Becomes Critical After Salon Washed Her Hair

Beauty salon is where you go to consult with professionals on how to make your hair look as good as it can be. It is also the perfect place to relax, unwind, and talk with your stylist or friends that may be there with you. This is more than just a place to get a hair cut. It’s a place where a woman can be herself.

However, for one woman, this wasn't the case.

A 48-year-old California woman almost died from a massive stroke after having a 10-minute hair wash at her favorite salon.


The hairdresser sink was regarded as the culprit behind this salon-derived ailment known as the 'beauty parlor stroke syndrome.'

FOX News reports that Elizabeth Smith visited the salon in December 2013 and had her hair shampooed.

A week after her visit, her left arm and leg started feeling weak, which she didn't know was already a sign of an impending stroke. Within seven days, she suffered a massive stroke.

A CT scan revealed that an artery in her neck had been damaged by this shampoo chair and sink of a parlor in San Diego, according to court documents.

Smith whose medical bills reached $250,000, has already filed suit against the salon.

Source: Fox News