Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Urine Color Reveals Something About your Health, You should check Yours Now!

It's been so many decades that experts uses our urine for test. Whether it's from personal use or even for a crime, you can conduct a test for drugs to a certain person thru their urine.

You may have noticed that your urine have various of different colors and each one represent something about your health.

This means everything is running fine inside you, and this is a normal color of pee.

Dark Yellow
This means that you body need water but not dehydrated. if you noticed, every morning this is the color of your urine, that's because you haven't drink water for couple of hours.

If your urine looks like this, they you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, and you will be fine.

No color/ Transparent
This means you are drinking plenty of water which is good. Water is a vital component to healthy body.

Pale Yellow
This color, is also a normal color of your pee. It means you have a good balance of fluid in your body.

Now if you see your urine looks like this, don't panic yet. It might be because of the beans you just ate. But also keep in mind that it can also be sign of liver problems. Visit your doctor for more medical advise.


The same with the Brownish color of pee, having a red color pee also have different causes. For example, if you had eaten a food that have a strong red color in it, like beetroots. Then it diffidently affect your urine color.

But if you haven't eaten a red color food that day, then there is something bad and you need to consult to your doctor right away.

Red and orange looking pee, have the same causes like maybe you have eaten a food that has strong orange color in it. And if you can't find any natural reasons why your pee turn into orange-looking.

Yes, your urine will look like this if you are taking certain medication and again if you have hesitation and questions about your urine color, it is better to have checked yourself with your doctor.

Source: Newsner