Wednesday, August 9, 2017

7 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Consume Eggplants Today! This Is Important For Your Overall Health

It is known that eating vegetables are good for your health. Different vegetables have different nutritional benefits for the body that could help to lower the risk of diseases and conditions.

Especially eggplant, you may not know this but it is suggested by the nutritionist to consume this everyday. Eggplants are loaded with various vitamins and minerals such as fiber, nasunin and chlorogenic acid.

Here are 7 Health Benefits of Eating Eggplant Everyday:

1. Consuming eggplants everyday aid in preventing blood clots, it is because of high content of vitamin K and bioflavonoid in the vegetable.


2. Eggplants lowers bad cholesterol but it depends on how you cooked them. Always eat eggplants that are baked.

3. Eggplants is rich in fiber, it protects your digestive  system and also improves your digestion.

4. Eating eggplants regularly will help to regulate your blood sugar levels and also controls diabetes due to the low carb.

5. Eggplants improves blood circulation and nourishes your brain.

6. The vegetable has the right amount of iron and calcium which is required by the body for your overall health.

7. Eggplants are great in reducing body weight because they almost have no calories content. They also don't have fat and are also rich in fiber which makes it it ideal as weight loss food.