Monday, August 14, 2017

Doctor Removed 200 Stones From This Woman's Bladder Because She Keep Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has some important health benefits, one of which it boosts your metabolism.

Everyone has their own reasons on why they skip breakfast, some are woke up late everyday and don't have time for breakfast, others just forget it and some are just to lazy to make one for themeselves.

However, whatever your reason is, no one should skip their breakfast if you don't want to be like this woman who got hospitalized for not taking her morning meal everyday.

The woman was only named as Ms. Chen, she was 45-year-old woman from China.

She said she began suffering some abdominal pain 10 years ago. She went to the hospital to have herself checked and the doctors advised her to undergo a surgery which she refused to do, because she was too afraid to do it at the time.


But after a decade, she decided to do it because of the unbearable pain she was feeling in her abdomen area.

She was rushed and operated at Guanji Hospital, where the doctors removed 200 stones from her body after a six and half hours of operation.

Surgeons who operated Ms. Chen said that they found the stones in her gallbladder and in her liver. They also added that the stones we're formed inside her body because of her bad habit is skipping breakfast.

They also said that she has irregular eating hours and usually eats leftovers.

Gallstones are tiny crystals made out of cholesterol and formed inside the gallbladder. According to NHS, people who might likely suffer from gallstones are females, overweight persons, and those aged 40 and above.

According to Dr. Quan Xuwei, one of the surgeons who did Ms. Chen’s operation, most of his patients who suffers in gallstones are likely the ones who to skips or rush their breakfast. He explained that when a person skipped breakfast, their gallbladder stops shrinking or expanding causing the bile to build up inside leading to high cholesterol and calcium level.

Meanwhile, UK experts said that there is no scientific basis to support the claim that skipping breakfast may lead to gallstones. British Society of Gastroenterology Vice President Dr. George Webster said that this common worldwide problem’s cause is not yet clear in the medical world.