Thursday, August 10, 2017

Effective Natural Remedy For Swollen Legs, You Will Not Regret Using This

Everyone will agree if i say that legs are one of the most vital part of our body. It helps as walk and also it makes other people to appear much more taller than the others.

And when it affected by swollen muscles, it could be very painful for us. You can't do anything beside sitting and lying in bed and wait the swollen muscle to go away. Forcing yourself to walk or do the things you do normally can cause more pain and can lead to more injuries as well.

There are a lot of medicine for swelling of the legs but there are more easier and effective way to deal with this kind of condition. Down below is the recipe of the solution for your swollen legs.


Fresh and green leaves of parsley
Root of the plant
500ml of water

1. Finely chop the leaves and roots and mix them altogether
2. Boil water
3. When the water reach it's boiling point, add 5 teaspoon of the parsley mix and leave it to boil again for 5 minutes
4. Pour the tea in a mug and wait for 20 minutes to let it cool down and drink it

You can choose to strain the tea before drinking it
Drink the tea thrice a day