Thursday, August 10, 2017

Must Read! Be Careful In Getting A Henna Tattoo Because You Might End Up Like This Woman

Since it was discovered, people choose to try this kind of method. Because henna tattoo only last for 1 week on the skin unlike other tattoo that is permanent on your skin and choosing to remove this can be pricey than the price when getting a tattoo.

However, it was just recently that Henna Tattoo can also be dangerous on the skin and can bring severe allergy reaction.

Woman suffered infection after trying the Henna tattoo. She want to have a henna tattoo months before her wedding day, however she did not expect teh side effects of it. This kind of allergy is called "Party Mehndi Red Cone."

Unfortunately, the doctor decided to cut her hands and legs because it got infected with the Henna. This only shows that Henna is really harmful.


Henna Tattoo Side Effects

1. Contact Dermatitis
– Symptoms are wheezing, itching, redness, burning and swelling of the skin.

2. Rough Hair
– It damages you hair and makes your hair dry.

3. Red Eyes
– It may cause redness and watering in your eyes when henna comes contact with your eyes.

4. Bursting of RBC’s
– Red Blood Cells seems to burst that may lead to severe complications.

5. Upset Stomach
– If ever you swallow henna it might cause vomiting or stomach ache.

If ever you experienced the side effects, consult the dermatologist.