Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Must Watch: How To Spot Raw Chicken With Bird Flu

This week was horrifying for all consumers and producers of poultry chicken as the Avian flu or also known as Bird Flu hit in Pampanga province.

Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda said that “Our first concern is the safety of our consumers and citizens.” She also added, “While we assure the public that there will be no price increase in chicken meat as there is only one area affected by the avian flu, we must see to it that uncontaminated meat is sold in the markets.”

If you we’re one of the citizen who worry about getting the flu in consuming raw chicken. Here is the sign on how to spot raw chicken with bird flu.


There is only one thiong you should do to avoid consuming infected poulty. All you need to do is a simple skin check on the chicken you want to buy.

The skin of a healthy chicken has to be white because infected poultry has dark marks on it’s skin.

President of Bounty Agro Ventures, Ronald Mascariñas told the ANC’s, “Healthy chicken will have really white skin,” and he said something about the infected chicken “a lot of black marks, as if nabugbog (beaten up).

We do routine testing for all possible diseases and none of our farms turned out positive as of this day,” Mascariñas added.

Watch the video below: Via ABS-CBN