Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Respected Scientist Found A Solid Evidence Proving That God Really Exist - MUST WATCH!

Not all believes in the existence of God. Even scientific theories and scriptures from the Bible doesn't coincide, resulting to debate between believers and atheist.

However, one of the most respected scientists of today's time has found a solid evidence showing that God do exist and created the universe.

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku claims to have developed a theory that could examine the particles called primitive semi-radius tachyons. These particles are capable of unsticking matter in the universe or vacuuming the space between matter particles, leaving everything free from any influences of the surrounding universe.


In addition, these particles can move faster than the speed of light.

After making tests and scientific studies, Kaku concluded that human beings live in Matrix-like world, referring to the hit 1999 Hollywood action movie.

"To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance," Kaku told in Geophilosophical Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies.

This new revelation shakes the foundation of scientific community, leading some atheists to believe there is a higher order in the universe.

Watch his explanation below: