Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Woman Took A Selfie, What She Captured Behind Made Her Ran Out From Her House

Who would have thought that a creepy ghost could appear anytime even after Halloween?

Not until, Natasha Boden personally experienced it.

The 26-year old was left in tears after spotting what appears to be a ghost lurking beside her in a selfie she took inside her home.

Upon seeing it, she immediately fled her home with her partner Mark Donohue and 2-year-old daughter Dolly. They then checked into a hotel for the night after making the grim discovery and is now looking for somewhere else to live.


It all started when Natasha took a selfie using her phone to show off her new blonde hair. She took multiple photos, and scrolled through each of them to choose her favorite.

While scrolling, she came across one particular selfie that look odd. When she checked closely, she was shocked to see a face appeared to be floating near her right shoulder.

Just a month before the incident, the undertakers arrived at their door, claiming they were there to collect a dead body from the property.

According to Natasha, they were adamant to enter the house. Eventually they came back and apologized and said they had the wrong flat. It turned out one of her neighbours had passed away.

Natasha now promised that she will not take any selfie all by herself again.

Source: The Mirror