Tuesday, September 26, 2017

80% of Heart Attacks Could Be Avoided by Doing These 5 Easy Steps

Heart disease is one of the leading cause of death in the world, and annually, more than 1 million Americans die from a heart disease.

In most cases, people suffer from coronary artery disease (CAD), which can result in a heart attack.

5 Lifestyle Changes That Could Prevent Nearly 80% of Heart Attacks

1. No smoking
2. Being physically active (walking/bicycling ≥40 min/day and exercising ≥1 h/week)
3. Moderate alcohol consumption (10 to 30 g/day)
4. Healthy diet
5. Healthy waist circumference (<95 cm)

Contrary to popular belief, the worst foods for our heart aren’t saturated fats, it’s the refined sugars, carbs and processed foods that do the most damage.


Heart-Healthy Diet Regime

In order to prevent heart problems, your diet should trans fats, so stay away from all kinds of processed foods. You should remove grains, sugar, processed fructose, from your diet.

Your diet should be rich in organic whole foods.

- Vegetables
- Low-to-moderate quantity of high-quality protein
- High-quality healthy fat (raw dairy, grass-fed meats, organic pastured egg yolks, coconuts, and coconut oil, raw nuts, such as almonds, pecans, macadamia, and seeds, butter made from raw grass-fed organic milk, unheated organic nut oils, and avocados).

Heart Attack Prevention

- Reduce stress
- Your vitamin D levels should be optimal
- Eat a healthy, organic diet, and combine it with a regular workout
- Avoid long sitting, as you should sit no more than three hours during the day
- If you are resistant to leptin or insulin, eliminate all sugars, as well as processed fructose and grains
- Eat unprocessed saturated animal fats