Monday, September 25, 2017

9 Early Symptoms Of Lung Cancer In SMOKERS That Should Not Be Ignored!

Many people see lung cancer diagnosis as a death sentence.

Though, sometimes it's hereditary, there are still a number of risk factors you can try to avoid, like smoking, being exposed to second hand smoke, and air pollution.

Pay close attention to these early -- and sometimes surprising -- signs of lung cancer, and be assertive about bringing anything suspicious to your doctor's attention.

1. There is a rapid change whenever you are coughing.

2. The changes or the shortness of breathing happens.


3. You will feel a severe pain in your chest are.

4. There is a whistling or wheezing sound as you breathe. You needed to pay extra attention to it.

5. The cough won't go away. It stays with you for more than 2 weeks.

6. The unbelievable and shocking loss of weight wil occur.

7. Extreme headaches that signifies that the cancer might be spreading to your brain.

8. Hoarse Voice happens, you better ask the doctor's opinion.

9. There is pain in the back and other parts of the body.