Monday, September 25, 2017

How To Make Okra Water That Help Treat Asthma, Diabetes, Cholesterol And Kidney Disease

This kind of vegetable is known as Okra, this is usually used for different kind of Filipino dishes like in penakbet and more.

Okra grows in tropical climate, consist of 90% water, 2% protein, 7% carbohydrates and nominal fat. Okra is high in vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid, calcium and potassium. Low in calories and rich in dietary fiber.

Okra is very beneficial for your health even it's leaves can give so many benefits for your body. Consuming okra in any way is good for your overall health because okra can treat many kinds of health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and bad cholesterol.

According to American Heart Association, a person with diabetes is more likely to have harmful cholesterol. Consumption of okra can increase the dietary fiber that supports a better glycemic control and boosts insulin sensitivity. It can also alleviate asthma.


We will show you the process on how to make okra water for easy consumption of this healthy vegetable.

Okra Drink
Things you'll need:
4 Fresh Okra
Distilled Water

1. Cut both ends of the okra, then cut it in three parts.
2. Put water in a mason jar and put the okra in it and leave it overnight
3. The next morning your okra drink is ready for consumption
4. Drink this 30 minutes before breakfast

Drinking this regularly will give you amazing result in your health, this drink will help you normalize your blood sugar levels.