Saturday, October 21, 2017

If You Have This Feeling During The Night You Are In Danger

If you're having a bad night because you can't get to sleep immediately, think of those people who suffer from restless legs syndrome (RLS).

They just don't lie in the bed, they are also seized by an uncontrollable urge to move their legs. Their legs actually twitch or jerk, while they experience the sensation of something squirming or wiggling under their skin.

This can lead to problems associated with sleep deprivation, such as anxiety and depression.

Although, it's shrouded in much mystery, researcher seems to found out that this syndromw is  connected with other conditions -- such as heart, lung, and kidney disorders; circulatory problems; and arthritis.

The culprit sometimes appears to be as simple as excessive caffeine consumption or too little exercise.


Signs you have RLS

- Strong urge to move your legs you may not be able to resist.
- It's hard to fall asleep or stay asleep.
- Gets better when you move your legs.
- Symptoms start or get worse at rest
- Symptoms are worse in the evening, especially when lying down

How to alleviate RLS symptoms

In order to relieve the symptoms, experts recommend the following steps:

1. Stretching just before bedtime.
2. A warm bath before bedtime is also a great way to relieve the symptoms.
3. Try to exercise during the day.
4. Avoid drinking too much caffeine as it can affect your blood circulation and sleeping cycle.

Many people who are suffering from RLS are also suffering from anemia, which can be relieved by adding more iron in your diet. Here’s a tea which will help you in this case:


- A tablespoon of chamomile flowers
- A tablespoon of crushed rosehip flower
- A teaspoon of organic honey
- Half a liter of boiled water
- Some lemon juice


1. Pour boiled water over the chamomile and rosehip flowers, then cover the container and leave it for a couple of minutes.
2. Afterwards, strain the tea and add the honey and lemon juice.
3. Drink the tea a couple of times during the day, and again before going to bed.