Saturday, October 14, 2017

More Women Suffer From This Condition and Most of Them Don't Know It Yet!

Have you ever wondered what’s estrogen is?

Estrogen are hormones that are important for sexual and reproductive development, mainly in women. They are also referred to as female sex hormones.

Based from the experts, the term “estrogen” refers to all of the chemically similar hormones in this group, which are estrone, estradiol (primary in women of reproductive age) and estriol.

You should also know that (in women), estrogen is produced mainly in the ovaries; it is also produced by fat cells and the adrenal gland.

During puberty stage, estrogen plays important role in the development of so-called secondary sex characteristics, such as breasts, pubic hair and armpit hair.

Estrogen levels fall after menopause, or when a woman stops menstruating. This reduction can cause symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and loss of sex drive.

If not treated on time, it may lead to some cancer types, fibroids of the womb, recurring abortions, and infertility.

Listed below the early warning signs you need to pay attention:


- Cold feet and hands
- Decreased libido
- Fatigue
- Headaches
- Hair loss
- Irregular menstrual cycle
- Mood changes
- Slow metabolism
- Thyroid dysfunction
- Trouble sleeping

To all ladies out there, if you experience more than half of the above listed symptoms, it is recommendable to begin an estrogen detoxification diet.

It will help you balance your estrogen levels and help you lose weight much faster. The health of your skin will be improved as well.

You can include these 2 ingredients to your healthy diet:

1. Flaxseed – there are more than 50 uses of flaxseed for treating and prevention many different diseases and health problems. You can encourage healthy estrogen levels by consuming 2 to 4 spoons of linen seeds on a daily basis.

2. Rosemary – you can use the rosemary essential oil. Many experts around the world think that the rosemary essential oil is an exceptional tool for managing the estrogen levels.

It is also known as fertility oil. Moreover, it has the power to stimulate blood flow in the brain, strengthen the immune system, and encourage thyroid function.