Saturday, October 21, 2017

TRY IT NOW, YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY: Use lemon Like This and Say Goodbye To Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer

We all love lemons. It's refreshing, zesty and healthy.

Most people are saying that the entire lemon should be used with nothing wasted. They're right and one way to assure you are never short of these yellow vitamin bombs is to freeze them.

Freezing lemons can bring some other benefits and make the preparation of food and beverages a lot smoother.

Compounds found in lemon peels have the power to boost the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels and even prevent the development of cancer.

It also provide strong anti-microbial effect, and are believed to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. This is of great importance in the removing process of internal parasites and worms.


The greatest powers of lemon
  • Cancer prevention
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Excellent treatment of inflammation
  • Immunity boost
  • Prevention against asthma symptoms
  • Effective against dangerous bacteria
  • Prevention and treatment of depression and stress
  • Kidney and liver cleanse

    Get the Most from Your Lemons By Freezing Them

    1. Wash and disinfect your lemons with organic apple cider vinegar or baking soda.
    2. Rinse them well using water, and pat them dry using a towel.
    3. Freeze your lemons overnight.
    4. Once you notice they are completely frozen, grate the whole lemon.
    5. Transfer your grated lemons into ice cube trays, and store them in the freezer. In this way you can use them whenever you need a hint of citrus fruit.

    Then, use it on whatever you are eating. Lemon peels will give a stronger taste to your dishes.

    Source: Nation's Press