Tuesday, November 7, 2017

5 Exercises That Can Help Get Rid Of Stubborn Double Chin

Many people suffer from the horrendous double chin.

A double chin does not always mean one is overweight. It can mean that the muscles in the chin and neck are not as developed as they should be.

Some common ways to remove the problem include diet change and cosmetic surgery. However, there are some simple exercises that are proven to tighten and tone that pesky chin area.

1. The Ladle

Open your mouth wide, bend your lower lip inward, and close your mouth as you pull your jaw forward. Each step should be deliberate and slow so that the chin muscles are properly engaged in the exercise. Allow the muscles to relax before moving on to the next workout. Loosen the jaw by gently opening and closing your mouth.
2. “Kiss” Ceiling

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. Tilt your head upward and extend your lips into a kissing motion. While the method is simple, it works the neck muscles to help tighten and tone.

3. Touch the Nose

The “touch your nose” exercise is effective in extending the chin muscles. Do this by sticking out your tongue and trying to touch your nose. Place a finger under your chin so you can feel the muscles extend and flatten in this position.

4. Resistance

Simply make two fists and place them directly under your chin. Push your chin down on your fists and hold for five seconds. This small amount of resistance helps reduce the appearance of a double chin.

5. The Perfect Oval

Everybody wants the perfect face shape. If you want to train your face to be more oval, try out this workout. Turn your head to one side and thrust your jaw forward. You should be able to feel the extension of the jaw and neck muscles. Hold for a few moments. Turn your head to the opposite side and repeat.