Thursday, November 9, 2017

8 Dangerous Facts Of Sanitary Napkins Every Woman Should Know, This Could Be Deadly

Woman's body is fragile and sensitive. Taking care of it needs more attention, it takes a lot of factors to consider for it's wellness and health, especially in their private area.

This topic is no doubt to be sensitive and important subject to discuss and to be keep in mind for safety.

During monthly period of women, there are a lot of things they are doing. Such as minding the period cramps, food cravings and also changing the pads to keep themselves clean at all times.

However, there is something women should know about the sanitary pads they are using every month. There is actually 8 danger facts that can harm them.

1. Chemicals
It doesn't matter what brand you use, but sanitary napkins contains different kinds of chemicals that could actually cause harm and infect a woman's private part. Just an example is Dioxin which causes abnormal growth of the tissues.

2. Gel pads
Cervical cancer is the second-leading cause of death to cancer among women. One factor that triggers cervical cancer is the exposure to cellulose which is present in sanitary napkins that contains gel pads.


3. Cotton pads
Before having its finish product, herbicide and pesticides are used when growing a cotton.

4. Deodorants
Deodorants in sanitary napkins enters a woman’s bloodstreams which may lead to infection and other abnormalities including infertility and other birth complication that may also affect the baby.

5. Tampon
The chemicals and materials used to produce a tampon is known to cause organ damage also known as Phthalates.

6. Impermeable layer
This layer is usually made of synthetic material in order to contain red days wetness which causes air passage to become unstable. And when heat and moisture is trapped in a woman’s private area may result to numerous kinds of bacteria.

7. Lump
Wearing pads for a long time may cause lump development in a woman’s private area which may also cause infection and irritation. So changing napkins every 4 hours is a must. Irregular changing may lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome or worse, death.

8. Environmental concerns
According to studies, a woman uses about 16,800 pads in her lifetime. If this number is multiplied to the total number of women around the globe, these pads will surely contribute to solid wastage.

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